My name is Balázs Turai (pronounced 'balash', approximately)

I live in Budapest and write, design, direct and teach animation.

I also write stories and make illustrations, ceramics and other artsy stuff.

I'm pretty angry at the Hungarian government for being dicks

and am concerned about the ongoing Apocalypse.

If you have questions, comments, ideas, job offers, etc

write to me at

I work a lot with the following people:

media artist Benjamin Efrati, who made the music for all of my films

Márk Juhász, animation director, illustrator, VFX creator, background artist

Zsuzsanna Kreif, animation director & illustrator

Péter Benjámin Lukács & Gábor Osváth, producers at Boddah

Balázs Keszegh, mathematician and software developer

the photos on this site were made by Éva Szombat