Balázs Turai

Animation, illustration & exhilaration

Amok - 2022, animated short, 14 mins, currently at festivals. Winner of the Annecy Crystal and the Heart of Sarajevo.

Kaleidoo - 2020, animated short for FX Networks, 5 mins. Co-directed with Zsuzsanna Kreif and Réka Bucsi

Oligarchia - 2015-2021, political web-series for the Partizán youtube channel. Watch all of them here!

The Fall of Rome - 2018, animated short, 24 mins

Candide - 2016, animated series, 13 x 7.5 mins, co-written and co-directed with Zsuzsanna Kreif and Nándor Bera. Watch it all here!

Mirikal - 2012, diploma project, concept for a series about traumatised kids with superpowers